Annual Grants

"We Serve"

"Lions + Market Days = $4 Million in Grants to the Community"
Article by Frank Curtis

Did you know that all of the profits that the Wimberley Lions Club generates at Market Days go back into the community for local projects and activities? In the calendar year 2017, the Lions will have given almost $4,000,000 for worthy local endeavors. In the calendar year 2017, the Lions will contribute over $155,000 to local projects. The Wimberley Lions Club truly makes a difference in this community. Some of the types of activities that will be assisted in 2017 are college scholarships for 32 Wimberley students each year; youth exchange trips for about 10 Wimberley students; 8 non-school youth projects such as Boys and Girls Scouts, Special Olympics and the Hays County Youth Shelter; 10 in-school youth projects such as Leo Clubs in the Wimberley high schools, band support and academic improvement projects; and 24 community service projects of non-profit organizations such as Crisis Bread Basket, Emily Ann Theatre and the Wimberley Players.

Even the animals have not been overlooked by the Wimberley Lions. Worthy animal rescue projects such as WAG, PAWS and ARF will receive grants from the Lions in 2017.

Think of all these community grants made by the Wimberley Lions the next time you buy a barbecue plate and a drink. Think of these community organizations each time you park your car in a Lions Parking Lot. The money that you are paying is going back into the community for worthy causes through the Wimberley Lions Club.

2017 - Awarding of Annual Grants to Organizations



2016 - Awarding of Annual Grants to Organizations