Research, accumulating and retaining historical facts and documentation of the activities and members of the Wimberley Lions Club.

  • Profile club founders
  • Chronicle early days of club including Market Day.
  • Develop procedure for documenting club history.
  • Fill in back accomplishment data into the defined procedure.

Lions Information & Newsletter

  • Evaluate other Lions clubs internet activity.
  • Periodically publish a Lions Information Newsletter summarizing Club activities, Market Day results and highlighting upcoming events.
  • Gather reports from officers and committee chairpersons.
  • Secretary will complete monthly reporting to LCI for District reporting.

Member Committee List

  • Create, update, maintain and distribute the Member Committee List to the membership each year reflecting all members in each Committee via the Lions Central Database.
  • Ensure approval by Board and Committee Chairs in advance.

Public Relations

  • Obtain coverage of Club activities in local, Austin and San Antonio media.
  • Develop articles on Club activities and achievements and submit them to Lions Magazine for publication.
  • Prepare District Communiques when needed.


The Wimberley Lions Club (WLC) Grants Committee (formerly known as the Donations Committee) is the committee responsible for selecting worthy organizations to give grants to fund their activities that follow the Lions service guidelines. To date, the WLC has given over $3.7 million to Lions International programs and local organizations.

Grant applications are sent out during October (of each year) to previous year applicants. New applicants need to request a WLC Grants Request Form to complete, stating the purpose for the grant funding. All grant applications will be due by December 15, 2015 After the WLC budget for the new calendar year is set in December, the WLC Grants Committee meets in January of the new budget year to review all received grant applications.

Each grant application must meet WLC grant guidelines. The WLC does not fund national charities, religious organizations, startup operations, political organizations, and organizations with paid staff. Emphasis is on serving local youth and improving the Wimberley region by providing focused funding of community needs through volunteer organizations. Given the amount of grant funding in the WLC budget, the Grants Committee selects the applicants to fund and the amount for each applicant. Selected grant recipients will attend one of two Lions meeting in the Spring to receive their checks.

Contact for New Applications: If you are new to this Grants Program, you may request a WLC Grants Application Form in writing on your organization's letterhead:
Wimberley Lions Club, PO Box 1749, Wimberley, Texas 78676, Attn: Grants Committee

To ensure you receive a mailed application by November, be sure to include your organization name, your full name, contact phone number, and mailing address.

  • Select and recommend specific donation recipients and donation amounts from the list of prospective donees.
  • Coordinate the donation budget with Treasurer's budget allowance for Club donations.
  • Verify the worthiness of the donee organization in terms of quality, management and ideals consistent with Lions objectives and principles.
  • Present the proposed donation budget to the Board of Directors of Wimberley Lions Club for approval, and then to the general membership of the club for final approval.
  • Plan and arrange for disbursement of donations to the donees during regular club meetings so as to maximize the image of the club as the organization fulfilling its mission, "we serve".


  • Develop and prepare the Field & Administrative Budgets and Accounts.
  • Present necessary updates, reports and modifications to the Board and membership.

Sight & Hearing Conservation

  • Develop and maintain contact with the District Eye Bank representative.
  • Recommend services to be provided to the visually impaired, as requested through the school health services personnel.
  • Maintain the eyeglass collection program.
  • Submit eyeglasses donated to District.
  • Summary of the Eyeglass Program
  • Visual Assistance Procedure

Kid Sight Vision Screening

In calendar year 2014 we were at six locations and screened 243 kids with 26 referred to an eye care professional. So far in 2015 we have conducted screenings at a daycare facility in the community, the Butterfly festival, Back to School Fiesta, and Camp Good Sam Wimberley. We are working toward screening Pre-K and Kindergarten classes at Skudder Elementary as well as additional daycare facilities. We have conducted screenings at daycare facilities outside of the Wimberley area and joined other Lions clubs to screen at Cedar Ridge High School where they had their back to school backpack distribution. In the calendar year 2015 through August 15 we have screened 711 people (all kids except for a very few adults) with 105 referred to an eye care professional for a complete eye examination. For questions or comments please contact us at:

  • Vision screen children ages 6 months to 5 years old to identify those who would benefit from professional medical attention.
  • Provide the screening results to the parents so they can see if an eye examination is recommended as well as track their screening results from year to year.
  • Seek community events, child care-day care centers, and pre-K schools to arrange to vision screen the children in attendance.
  • Informational Flyer

LEO Programs

  • Work with youth of the community and maintain awareness of, and support for, other groups involved in youth activities.
  • Youth leadership workshop.
  • Work with the Wimberley LEO Clubs to provide direction and guidance as required.
  • Work with, and coordinate LEO activities with the District and State Chairperson.

Peace Poster

  • Coordinate Peace Poster Contest annually.
  • Ensure Donation allocation is requested for prize money.

Texas Lions Camp

  • Arrange trips for club members to visit camp.
  • Get speakers to represent camp at club meetings.
  • Assist with work week held at camp annually.
  • Assist with picnic held annually each summer.

Texas Lions Golf Tournament

  • Select candidates for the Texas Lions Camp Golf Tournament in Fredricksburg.
  • Create teams, collect entrance fees and coordinate travel to the event.
  • Communicate with Fredricksburg Lions Club regarding our club's participation and coordinate relevent activities.

Lion Development

  • Follow the activities of Lions in the Club.
  • Recommend improvements of procedures as needed.
  • Work with Membership and Attendance Committee for attendance records.
  • Recognize outstanding service.
  • Ensure grooming for future Club officers.
  • Recommend "Outstanding Lion" and present awards.


  • Make everyone (members and guests) welcome as they arrive for a Club meeting.
  • Ensure all members wear their name badge.
  • Help people to be seated with different members at each dinner meeting.
  • Work with local sources (Realtors, New Neighbors, etc.) to meet and greet new residents and provide them with information on our Club and an invitation to come meet with us.

July 4th Parade

  • Create theme for July 4th Parade Entry.
  • Decorate Float, prepare entry forms, etc. to enter parade.
  • Board will decide who rides on float each year.

Meal Reservations

  • Work with Webmaster to ensure e-mail notifications go out on a timely basis to all active members and others as needed for each regular meeting.
  • Ensure meal count gets to the caterer on a timely basis before applicable meetings.

Special Events

  • Organize Christmas Party & and Officers' induction Ceremony with early planning and execution.
  • Recommend and organize other activities, as required.


  • Recruit and retain members and schedule Orientation Meetings at least quarterly.
  • Ensure sponsors fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Keep up to date on attendance - call any member who misses two consecutive meetings to ascertain the reason for the absence.
  • Contact all members as needed and report results to the Board and follow-up on sick members status, including offers of help, as needed.
  • Responsible for Flowers & Memorials. Send e-mail/call BOD/membership of deaths.

Benevolent Committee

  • Provide meals/visits/assistance to sick Lions as needed.

Programs for Meetings

  • Schedule and provide speakers and/or entertainment for regular club meetings.
  • Maintain a balance between: Educational, Informational and Entertaining programs.
  • Include periodic programs on Lionism.


  • Select the students to be awarded scholarships.
  • Balance the academic scholarships program with technology program.
  • Attend the mandatory meeting beginning in early May and continue until the selection process is completed.
  • Monitor the grades of the students on scholarship and take action to retain or drop, as required.

Youth Exchange

The Wimberley Lions Club (WLC) Youth Exchange Program provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors at Wimberley High School and Katherine Ann Porter Charter School to travel abroad to experience a Lions International Youth Exchange Camp and a host family experience. Applications will be delivered to the two schools by October 1 with a deadline of November 6th at 12:00 noon. Students with complete applications are selected for interviews in early November.

Students selected for the five (5) grant funded positions and other, non-grant students go through a rigorous orientation to the YE Program, starting in December, with expectations and instructions for completing the YE camp applications. Each student applicant selects three camps and must provide required documentation for their YE camp application. Applications to the YE camps are sent in February to the primary camp selection for each student. Once accepted to a camp, the YE student will have additional camp documents to complete. Grant funded students get their airline tickets funded up to $2000. Camp fees and other related fees (travel insurance, U.S. passport, etc.) are the responsibility of the YE student.

The Lions International YE Camps in the northern hemisphere (Europe, Far East countries, etc.) operate in the Summer months (June through August). Southern hemisphere YE camps (e.g., New Zealand, Australia, etc.) occur during the Winter months (December, January, etc.). Returning Summer YE students have an opportunity to participate in a video interview and give a short report at the second WLC meeting in August.

  • Select the candidates for the Wimberley Lions Youth Exchange Program.
  • Coordinate selections with Multiple District Youth Exchange Chairperson.
  • Place selected candidates.
  • Find and select local families to host Youth from other countries.
  • Meets in October and early November. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory.

Facilities & Buildings

  • Develop a plan and provide for any required new buildings and facilities at Lions Field.
  • Coordinate plans with the Finance and Budget Committee to insure that proposed projects are included in the annual budget.
  • Present proposed projects to the Board of Directors of Wimberley Lions International.
  • Monitor approved projects for timely completion within budget.

Market Day Ambassadors

  • Promote better communication with all MD Vendors by visiting them every month.
  • Distribute Monthly MD Newsletter.
  • Report maintenance requests to MD Management Team.
  • Document all problems and/or vendor issues and resolve.
  • Report complex issues to MD Management Team for resolution.
  • Attend quarterly Vendor Meetings.

Market Day Management

  • Manage all Market Day Operations.
  • Meet monthly to discuss issues, maintenance, budget status.
  • Prioritize projects, schedules, and staffing.

Market Day Promotion

  • Promote Market Days through all appropriate areas of the media.
  • Prepare Vendor Newsletter monthly.
  • Work with the web master at
  • Administer the Field Account Advertising Budget.
  • Must coordinate all activities with Market Day General Manager.

Risk Management & Safety

  • Identify possible accidental loss potential to the Wimberley Lions Club.
  • Develop programs to minimize or prevent those losses.
  • Analyze and recommend to the board means of financing risk.

Website Updates & Development

  • Update data on as changes are warranted.
  • Develop new Lions Central Database (LCD) to centralize all Lions data related to vendors, day leasing, membership, volunteers, Leo's, etc.

Constitution & By-Laws

  • Assure that the Club operates within the parameters of the International, State and Local constitutions and by-laws.
  • Recommend changes to the Constitution and by-laws as they become necessary.

Lion Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP)

  • Assure that guidelines are met regarding individual assistance to members in time of crisis, hardship or emergency and ensure that confidentiality is maintained.
  • Keep Board informed of totals of disbursements, but not names of recipients.

Lion of the Year

  • Following established procedure, committee members will be past recipients of the Lion of the Year Award. It will be chaired by the most recent winner for the next year.
  • Nominate at least three Lions for this award from the current membership.
  • Additional nominees may be made from the floor, however, nominees cannot be previous recipients of the award.

Long Range Planning

  • Consider a 5 year projection that includes examines these issues: What should be the focus of the Club's activities; Development of a Membership Retention Plan; Club activities & organizational structure.
  • As a minimum, consider the following areas: Buildings, Facilities, Location & Market Day; Community involvement; Lions District, State and International involvement.

Melvin Jones

  • Nominate deserving Lions from this Club as recipients of the Melvin Jones Award.
  • Only past recipients are eligible to participate on this committee.


  • This committee is chaired by the 1st Vice-President of the club.
  • A committee will be formed to prepare a slate of nominees for open positions for the upcoming year and presented to the membership.